Peer reviewed articles

Alcantara, C., Longboat, S. and Vanhooren, S. (2020). “Improving First Nations Water Security Through Governance”. Canadian Public Administration. Early Online.

Henstra, D., Thistlethwaite, J., & Vanhooren, S. (2020). The governance of climate change adaptation: stormwater management policy and practice. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, 63(6), 1077–1096.

Under review

Taylor, Z. and Vanhooren, S. “Local Election Campaign Finance in Canada”. 

Policy reports and other non-referred contributions

Vanhooren, S. (2019). “Beyond the Big City. Appendix A: Jurisdictional Scan.” Pathways to Prosperity Partnership. Report for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada and the Government of Ontario. 47 pages. JurisdictionalScan-PPF-July2019-1.pdf

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